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Tinydeal is a webshop which exists since 2007. Tinydeal is also a power seller on eBay. Tiny deal comes just as many other webshops in Hong Kong.


A first impression of tiny deal’s website is not very positive. The website is very busy and looks in format very standard. The website responds well. The search is very good. During the types of keywords in the search field are already shown suggestions. In addition is the search result very relevant and be there on the basis of the search words other suggestions are displayed where you can find. The search result can finally have extra on category filtered. The product page is completely in style. Very busy. All the information you need is there, but had what better can be classified.


In their own words is the number of articles on tiny deal around 50,000 and it is a reasonably large range. The prices are good, but in general the prices comparable to the nice webshops themselves. The range do not further excels in a certain category and has the traditional range of Electronics, gadgets, festive, watches, sports articles, and so on.

Order Process: Ordering – Payment- Shipping

Ordering is quite simple and there may be checked with an account or with Paypal. The mountings arrive quickly within. It is on that little attention is given to a nice template of the mail. All the information is in the confirmation email is present and you can have a great time to see what you have ordered and for how many. The shipment will take place within a few working days. I myself have had some bad luck with my order, because my test order was only after 6 weeks in house. This can also be done with packets from China, that is part and parcel of it.

Account and customer loyalty

Via your account and of course you the normal stuff back if you orders and your demographic data. What is striking is that you must confirm that you have received your order. Possible it they do because they are able to track how long on average a parcel. After confirming you receive TD points. You will receive a dollar spent per 0,1 points, in addition to confirm receipt another 2 points. 10 points have a value of 1$. Points are also to make money with for example uploading photos and for writing reviews.

Support and community

Tinydeal has a number of possibilities to contact. One of them is my favorite and that is a chat. In addition there is really only one email address and the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Finally, tiny deal still a forum where you can put your questions.



  • Chat


  • Test order delivered very late
Go directly to www.tinydeal.com


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