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Romwe is a webshop focused on clothing for women. Romwe exists since Christmas 2009 and thus consists of more than 5 years.



If you open the website is in terms of the image that it is a website where clothing is sold. The design is neat and business. In terms of ease of use it is notable that the clothing Categories What is clogged. Who do you think that is under the menu ‘shop’. The first time it will be for everyone also search, because this is not clear. Search the website is excellent. Multiple search terms is not a problem. Unfortunately is extensive filtering as you probably a website as Zalando or usual Wehkamp is not present.

The only thing you can do is to install a sorting with the search result. The product pages are very brief. Very much there is in general not to say about clothing. Product photos are of good quality. In addition it is clear what sizes are available and you can find a good description of the product. The Web site responds continue quick and that is just okay.


The range is completely dedicated to clothing and accessories and then only for women. What is striking is that especially the accessories categories very empty. Some even completely empty.

Order Process: Ordering – Payment- Shipping

Ordering is as simple. What is striking is that shipping only from $ 50 free. A pity, because than you will be sitting on the border of the import costs free zone and walking your risk of additional costs to the door. Ordering is by creating an account and to count. Payment is by means of Paypal or credit card. Both fine payment methods. Because we do not test have done order no score for this part.

Account and customer loyalty

In your account of course you will find your order overview back and your demographic data. In terms of customer loyalty is not much done. What you can do is to add a video of at least 60seconds which should be about clothing of Romwe. This allows you to earn Freebies with which you can pay in the online store. For clothing bloggers have also other interesting offers, so look for this same anyway on their website.

Support and community

Via your account you can create tickets for questions. These can be linked to an order, but is not compulsory. In addition there is in a chat available. Via the social media there are of course also contact possibilities. Facebook, Twitter Tumblr, Blog Spot, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.



  • Uncluttered clear product pages:
  • Rapid Website


  • Awkward navigation website
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